November Newsletter 2015

With better weather and the end of the year fast approaching we look forward to more activity from Whalers.
At the time of writing, the process of entering the Two Oceans races has started. Last year we had a number of disappointed Whalers who had missed out on getting an entry. Whether we agree with the way Two Oceans has been commercialised or not, we have to accept the new reality. So hopefully all went well with those who wanted to enter.

With Two Oceans in mind we have had a number of people joining the club recently. We welcome the following new members; Anke Nortje, Haneen van der Stoep, Christa Theron, Wendy Hvidsten, David Hepburn-Brown, Simphiwe Matshaya, Peter Rudhuka, George Kloppers, Tania Krige and Graeme Krige.

With our membership currently standing at plus minus 120, we will be ordering 120 licenses for 2016. As in the past we will have to pay upfront when we take delivery of them. We would thus encourage members to purchase their numbers as soon as possible so as to avoid cash flow problems for the club. The cost of licenses for 2016 will be determined by Boland Athletics. Membership fees currently stand at R150 for Seniors, R50 for Juniors and R50 for Social Members.


We would love to see you at the year end function. All members are welcome and it promises to be a really good late afternoon/evening where we can all relax and get to know each other on an informal basis. By way of a change, the function will be preceded by a game of BOWLS. All those who would like to participate are welcome. It should be a great team building exercise and great fun.

Please reply by the 28th November to Louise if you will be attending the function and or participating in the game of bowls. Payment is also due by this date and can be paid into the Whalers banking account: Absa Cheque Account: 4046748460 using your name as the reference or paid in cash at the time trial on a Thursday evening to Ronel or Louise.

Date: Friday 4 December 2015
Venue: Hermanus Bowls Club
Bowls Game: 17:30
Cost: R30.00 per person
Dinner: 19:00
Cost: R90 per person
Dress: Smart casual

Format: Sit-down three course meal + cash bar (R20 corkage is applicable per bottle of wine)

Please note that the club will contribute R50 towards the cost of a member of the Whalers, but the partner (non member) will have to pay in full.
We will also be having an ‘informal Prize Giving’ as in the past, where you put up a small prize and award it to someone at the club. This is not compulsory and the emphasis is on fun. Put on your thinking caps and create an award eg: “The award for the best joke while on a long run, goes to …..”
These awards proved to be great fun at past functions and we urge you to participate. Anyone can nominate a member for an award and the motivation for the nomination should be given to Mikki by the last week of November. Remember the award should be accompanied by a token gift or novelty but should not exceed R50 in value. Remember this is a light hearted gesture and it therefore does not mean that the person should have necessarily excelled at something. “ANYTHING GOES”

If anyone feels uncomfortable with the cost of the function, please feel free to approach one of the committee. We would love to have as many members there as possible.


The club is pleased to announce that local business Cashkows have agreed to become the sponsor of the annual Onrus 10km/6km race hosted by Whalers. This is a huge incentive to the race and the club would like to thank Cashkows for their generous gesture. The committee is quite sure that the past success of the Onrus race will no doubt be surpassed in the future and that Cashkows will be more than happy with their decision to associate with the Whalers AC


In November last year we thanked Andre v.d. Merwe for his initiative and hard work in putting an application together. Andre has been contacted by the Lottery Board for more information and hopefully this is a positive development.


This event sponsored by will be hosted by Whalers AC on 19 December 2015. This is the one race that Whalers AC tackles on its own and we need assistance on the day. We appeal to members to assist before or after the race, even if you intend participating. Volunteers should contact Carina van der Merwe on 082 823 8632. An appeal is also made for contributions for cash or in kind towards lucky draw prizes. Entry forms are available online, on the website or enter on race day. Please remember to wear your age category number on both the front and back of your vest. This is for athletes in the age category of 40 years and upwards. A further reminder to junior athletes to wear a J tag on both the front and back of your running vest in order to qualify for a prize. No tag no prize. Unfortunately the Boland officials are very strict about enforcing this rule.


Whalers are reminded of the last race on the calendar for 2015, which is the Danger Point half marathon and 10km to be held on the 31st December 2015. This is always a fun race and usually well represented by Whalers. The gazebo will once again be erected and members are encouraged to support the race. Roelof will have his drinks box there so join us for a drink at the Gazebo afterwards. This is a last ditch attempt to justify the over indulgence of the “Silly Season”.


At the recent Whale Half Marathon our ladies picked up the challenge and won the team prize. The men were eclipsed by the Elgin/Grabouw team.

We had a good number of Whalers supporting the Bot River races on 24 October. The conditions were extremely tough and hopefully the organisers will consider an earlier start in future.

Our Saturday long runs have evolved into two distinct groups of runners – the young and fast and the geria_ _ _ _ _ (sorry, those of more advanced years). For those wanting to join the faster runners they have a “chat group” and you could talk to Jan Gildenhuys, Ewan Venter or Rudolf v. d. Berg for more detail.

Gavin turner will be drawing up a Saturday morning long run programme that will have its immediate focus on Two Oceans on 26 March 2016. Gavin is on holiday at present and the programme should be available on the website at the end of December.

On a more serious note, we had someone report seeing two Whalers discarding water sachets into the bushes during the Whale Half Marathon. This is a very contentious issue and we would appeal to all members to dispose of water sachets in a proper manner during races.


Stock of Whalers running gear is available at Land and See Sport in the village. The club gear comprises a number of items at present ranging from the brightly coloured casual training tops for winter (Orange and Blue) and summer (Green and Blue) to the official running vest which is worn by Whalers members competing at competitions. Members are encouraged to always wear the official blue and white vest with the Whalers logo when participating at any event. The club is proud of its name and the excellent athletes we have representing us. Navy blue shorts should be worn with the vest as Navy and White are the official club colours. Club tracksuits are in stock as well. The tracksuit is always a popular item and members are encouraged to wear their tracksuit at prize giving and if you become eligible to receive a prize, it makes a good podium photo.


Fourteen Things….
The Daily Telegraph this week printed an interesting article on “Fourteen things the Successful Executive completes before Breakfast”. It was quite amazing and obviously started with a very early rise – some top bods bounding out of their beds at 4.30 a.m. and believe me that is easier said than done – especially in Winter there. When residing
in the northern hemisphere there’s no cacophony of birdsong or one of our unbelievable sunrises on daily tap to greet you. The list included: drinking water not coffee, exercising, tackling a top-priority business project, working on a personal passion, investing in quality family time, connecting with your spouse (more difficult for some of us than others!) making your bed, meditation, writing a list of things one is grateful for and planning the
day ahead. Remember guys, all these things are to be completed before breakfast, that is, yes, before the rest of the family have even begun to dream about stirring.
The following day and in the inimitable British style a rejoinder was published stating “Fourteen habits of the Unsuccessful Person”, or as they put it the “Failures”. I am not detailing them but they were extremely funny and I am sure the majority of the Brits felt more akin to these than the original published list. However, this got me thinking about a few things a runner or more specifically a Whaler should do if he wants to
reach his optimum, or just improve a little. They could go like this,
1. Always add a few fictitious extra couple of kays to each run you log – it helps you to get to your targeted mileage quicker.
2. Never fartlek or do time trials – they are too much like hard work.
3. Cut the long Saturday run short by ten kays – then we can either start later or finish earlier.
4. Buy one pair of shoes every five years and when you wear through the soles, just run in stocking feet – it saves money and spites the distributors for the exorbitant prices they are currently charging.
5. Don’t be sociable and pleasant on a run, be nasty and mean as it makes your running mate run faster and leave you.
6. Concentrate on meditation – and instead of running the route, envisage yourself driving round the route. It is easier and faster.
7. Don’t set the two alarm clocks for that early morning rise and run – ask your partner to get up first then gently nudge you out of bed and wake you with a steaming cup of coffee (two sugars please!) and a smile.
8. Never stretch to ease those muscles after a long run. It is exhilarating to run the next day full of lactic acid and body spasms all over.
9. On race day forget the energy bars, goos and jelly babies, just feed your face at the starting line with last night’s curry and it will get you round the race in extra quick time.
10. On finishing a race and if the Official doesn’t take your name for an age-related prize just ask him/her if they fancy meeting a nasty stranger one dark dirty horrible night.
11. Impress the locals and spread the Whalers’ good name by singing and talking as loud as possible, agitating every friendly dog you see and waking the whole neighbourhood.
12. If you can’t bring yourself to do 11. above, then a nice friendly group toyi-toyi will go down just as well.
13. In your “grateful list” don’t forget to put down, blisters, aches and pains just about everywhere, the occasional sprained ankle, Achilles, shin splints, fractured foot, runners’ bum, ham string tear, sunburn, chafed skin, wrinkles galore, smelly shoes and another pile of dirty laundry.
14. If you really get bored running those long roads then stop running facing the oncoming traffic, mix it up a bit and start zig-zagging across the road. You will make both your and the drivers’ lives a little more exciting….
Guys, see you on the road with the usual grin and grimace….

Website Details

Richard van der Spuy has agreed to help in maintaining the website which has now been up and running for over a year. The club has received many compliments on our new look user-friendly site, but as with anything, there is always room for more. Anyone who has good quality, high definition photographs of Whalers competing at an event, can gladly submit these to Carina and she will assess all photos for possible inclusion on the website. Photos should preferably be of members in club clothing as this is always more visual and brand friendly.

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