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Willie Loedolff has very kindly donated a number of very good running books to Club which he has collected over the years. Due to chronic knee problems which he has been experiencing, forcing him to downscale from running to walking, he decided to make these invaluable sources of information available to the club by means of a Library. Arlene Ehrenberg has volunteered to be the official librarian and has the books documented with a short note about the contents of each book. Club members are welcome to contact her and ‘take out’ books for a period, affording all members the opportunity of enjoying these quality books.

The books donated are:

The Lore of Running by Tim Noakes (1st Edition)
Running your Best by Tim Noakes
Galloway’s Book of Running by Jeff Galloway
The Complete Book of Running by James Fixx
Everyman’s Guide to Distance Running by Norrie Williamson
Precision Running by Roy Benson
Comrades by Bruce Fordyce
Running Injuries by Tim Noakes and Stephen Granger,
Cures for Common Running Injuries by Steven I. Subotnik
Running Injury-free by Joe Ellis
Die Sport Dieet by Karen Inge and Peter Brukner
Stretching Book by Nell Weaver,
How to Run a Marathon by Tony Benyon and Kevin Macey and the Inner Athlete

Leo Benning has also very kindly donated four books to be added to the Library.

These are: 
The Running Foot Doctor by Steven I. Subotnik
Jogging with Arthur Lydiard by Garth Gilmour
Be Fit or be Damned by Percy Cerutty

The Varied World of Cross Country Runners World Book 2

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